Ceremonies on the Beach or any Location

Imagine a SUNSET wedding on a beach, on a pier overlooking the water, on a gazebo, your own backyard, your boat or a park setting or dare to be different at SUNRISE. Choose any location at any time you prefer.

Florida has ideal places for having a wedding ceremony outside or inside. The Florida tropical weather and atmosphere with it's gorgeous miles of beaches, luscious parks and attractions makes any wedding day a spectacular one. 

Non-Denominational, Traditional or Non-Traditional ceremonies performed by an experienced Wedding Notary Officiant who wants only to make your wedding a glorious one to cherish a lifetime.

Wedding ceremonies can be tailored and customized for the perfect ceremony with relatives and friends or just an intimate one for the two of you. "We want to make your wedding romantic and unique."

Now it can be an affordable event for this important day in your life that will be cherished for a lifetime. A truly unique wedding. We have different packages available or design "Your Wedding~Your Way." If you are looking for a wedding ceremony out of the ordinary, than this is it.

Choose from one of our reasonably priced packages which can be modified to design it "Your Way". Suggestions are open and always welcomed. We want to make this glorious day a spectacular one.

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Want to renew your marriage vows? What could be more romantic than to say "I love you" to your sweetheart all over again on a beach or a pier overlooking water at sunset.