Ceremonies on the Beach or any Location

Unity Sand Ceremony

This ceremony is an alternative to the Unity Candle Ceremony and is more appropriate for a beach or outdoor weddings. It is the Union of the Bride and Groom symbolizing pouring of sand from 2 separate containers, 1 is from the Bride and the other is from the Groom into 1 container. Each of the 2 containers are usually different colors, black for the Groom and white for the Bride. Any colors can be used. The colors can match the color scheme of your wedding.

The Sand Ceremony can include Parents of the Wedding couple, children and any others that you would like participate in the ceremony. Different colored sand can be used for each person. This makes a keepsake of your wedding ceremony that will last forever. 

Unity Candle Ceremony

The Unity Candle is the traditional way of uniting the Bride and Groom together. The usual custom is for the Groom and Bride's mothers to light the 2 single candles before the ceremony begins. The Bride and Groom during the ceremony take the 2 end candles and light the middle candle.

Another option is for the Bride and Groom to light the 2 end candles before the ceremony and during the ceremony light the middle candle.

The Unity Candle (middle) can then be lit each year on your anniversary date.

Unity Wine Ceremony

A symbolic touch after the ceremony to celebrate the unity between the bride and groom and the merging of the two families and their lives together. Its the blending/sipping of white (bride) and red (groom) wines, first as individual glasses, then combining the two wines into one glass. The wine then becomes a rose` colored wine. The bride and groom then sip the blended wine. An added touch would be to serve rose` wine at the reception.

Stone Blessing Ceremony

This ceremony is for a beach wedding, off a pier or close to water. Each guest is given a stone as they enter at the ceremony. The stone is held during the ceremony and is blessed with love and happiness from each guest. After the ceremony is complete and the Bride and Groom are pronounced "Husband and Wife", the guests move to the water and then cast the stones into the water. For weddings indoors, a canister/container can be used and kept as a keepsake.

This ceremony is a nice touch because it involves everyone attending the wedding ceremony, the Bride and Groom, the parents, children, wedding party, family and friends.

Rose Giving Ceremony

A Rose Giving Ceremony adds an elegant romantic feeling to your wedding ceremony.

Roses can be given to each other as you exchange marriage vows. We have different ceremonial readings to exchange the roses with each other. An added twist is the White Rose ceremony and has a ceremonial reading as well. You can also write your own if you choose to do so.

Roses can also be given to the mother's of the Bride and Groom. If so desired, roses can also be given to family, friends and guests for attending.

Ala - Carte - Menu

Rose Petals spread around for Ceremony

Rose Petal or Tropical Flower Heart in the Sand

(Where allowed, certain areas/places do not allow loose flowers)

Blessing Bubbles

Photography Available (Before, during & after Ceremony only)

~Music can be provided with CD player. Your choice of music or we can provide music.